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Our Company

Improving the job-readiness, settlement and integration of foreign-born nationals in Canada.

Canada is home to 6.8 million foreign-born residents or 20.6 per cent of Canada’s population, and admits more than 100,000 temporary foreign workers, 250,000 permanent residents and 290,000 international students per annum. 

Newcomers Canada connects employers, recruiters, governments, education providers, immigration specialists and settlement services with foreign-born nationals either moving to or already in Canada.

The Newcomers Canada Website and Career Fairs attract pre-arrival, newly arrived and established permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, working holidaymakers and international students.

Our mission is to improve the job readiness, settlement and integration of Canada’s immigrant and international student population.

Newcomers Canada is owned by Newcomers Canada Networks Inc and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.