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Newcomers Career Fair - Vancouver

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Newcomers Career Fair - Calgary

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The Chinese were one of the first newcomer groups to arrive in Canada, and have been in Western Canada since as far back as the 18th century. These days, the Chinese community is one of the largest newcomer groups in Canada and immigration appears to be on the rise.

Many Chinese Canadians have gone on to hold prominent positions in public life, and many successful Canadian businesspeople have claimed Chinese ancestry.

Source: CIC News

Useful Links

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada – Provides consular services and assistance for Chinese in Canada

Chinese Canadian National Council – Promotes the rights of Chinese Canadians and promotes understanding and cooperation between Chinese Canadians and all other ethnic, cultural and racial groups in Canada

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto – A non-profit organization and a cultural hub for communities of diverse ethnicities in the Greater Toronto Area

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver – Helps Chinese immigrants adjust to the culture and lifestyle of Canada, and promotes understanding and friendship between the Chinese and other cultural groups

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre – Actively promotes Chinese culture in Calgary

Asian Heritage Society Manitoba – A society consisting of representatives from many Asian communities