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The first European settlers in Canada were from France, with many arriving as early as the 1600’s. The French have since made their mark in Canada, which is evident from the amount of French heritage and culture in Canada. After the English arrived in Canada in the 18th century, the English language became more prominent and the French language was relegated to a secondary language.

Since then, French has been restored as an official language, and the province of Quebec in particular has remained a very French province, with 81% of Quebec residents naming French as their first language. Quebec’s culture is heavily influenced by the French, as seen by the architecture and place names. It’s therefore no surprise many francophones (French speakers) continue to immigrate to Canada. While many settle in Quebec, others go further afield to other provinces.

Source: Statistics Canada

Useful Links

French Embassy in Ottawa - Provides consular services and assistance to French in Canada –Resources and advice for Francophones moving to Quebec

Centre Francophone – Supports the development and vitality of the Francophone community in the greater Toronto area in all its diversity - A francophone organization uniting French & Francophiles living in Vancouver

La Boussole – A francophone community centre, offering a large variety of social and employment services to francophones and new arrivals in Vancouver

Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise – Speaks on behalf of Saskatchewan’s francophone community