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The PNP, or Provincial Nominee Program, is a program which allows the provinces and territories of Canada to nominate individuals for permanent residence, if they are planning on settling in that particular province or territory.


It is compulsory to take a language test in order to be eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program, if you are applying:

  • For a semi- or low skilled job
  • Under Express Entry for a:
    • Managerial Job
    • Professional Job
    • Technical Job and Skilled Trade

It is important to reach the minimum required standard of English or French. Language test results are generally valid for two years from the day you take the test.

How to apply

There are generally two steps to the Provincial Nominee process. Firstly, you must apply to the province or territory you wish to move to, and they will review your application and assess their skill shortages, immigration needs etc. The criteria can change frequently, so check the province’s government website before applying.

If your application is successful and you have received your provincial nomination certificate, you must then apply to CIC for permanent residence. You will have to pass a medical and background check as part of this process.

 For more information on the Provincial Nominee Program, take a look at the CIC website. For a list of provincial governments, go to our ‘Immigration Advice’ section.