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Province: Alberta

Population: 1.09 million

Climate: Continental, with cold winters and mild summers. Due to the high elevation and aridity of Calgary, there can be warm winds in winter (chinooks) and summer evenings can be chilly.

Overview: Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, and is located between the Canadian Prairies and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies mountain range.  The city is surrounded by many vast national parks. Since exploiting the oil reserves in the area, Calgary’s economy has received a significant boost in recent years and is now an attractive destination offering secure employment for many newcomers.

Some of the most popular neighbourhoods for schools and accessibility include Brentwood and Varsity. Downtown and Mission are also popular neighbourhoods with growing populations and new properties. Many residents of Calgary choose to live in the suburbs or outer communities, but inner city neighbourhoods are becoming more popular.

The city has lots to offer, including many restaurants, bars, shopping areas, museums, parks and more. There is a vibrant arts and sport community in Calgary, and the city hosts many festivals and events annually, including the Calgary International Film Festival, the Folk Music Festival and the hugely popular Calgary Stampede. Another attraction in the city is Calgary’s Olympic Park, built when Calgary was chosen as the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympics in 1988.

Transport: Calgary Transit provides buses and a light rail service called the C-Train, enabling you to access almost any part of the city easily. The C-Train is free of charge if you are only riding within the Downtown area. If you are driving around Calgary, the city uses a numbered street grid system.

Economy: Calgary has traditionally been a leader in the oil and gas industry, due to large reserves, and oil and gas are still the largest contributors to the city’s economy. As one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, it has recently begun to develop strong financial and technology industries. Many large companies have chosen to establish their head offices in Calgary, and in recent years the region has had one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada.

For more information on Calgary, see the official city website