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Province: Nova Scotia

Population: 297,000

Climate: Humid Continental, with warm summers and mild winters, due to its position on the Atlantic Ocean.

Overview: Located in the maritime peninsula of Nova Scotia, Halifax is the capital of the province. It is a major city in Eastern Canada and is one of the best cities in the country for quality of life. As Halifax was one of the first European settlements in Canada, it has a rich history and culture which can be seen by its many historic buildings (such as Dalhousie University and Citadel Hill). It is a popular destination for many Canadian newcomers.

The municipality of Halifax, called the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), is divided into 18 community areas, which are in turn divided into neighbourhoods. Clayton Park is a very popular place to live, with easy access to schools, shops and other amenities. Areas like Cole Harbour and Woodlawn are further away from the city and quieter, but provide more affordable accommodation. South End and Downtown are popular areas in the Halifax Peninsula (the city centre) and close to all amenities, but these areas will be more expensive than communities which are further out.

Halifax provides plenty of recreational activities, especially the Dartmouth area, which has plenty of lakes and beaches, providing the perfect setting for swimming, boating, kayaking, windsurfing and more. In the winter these lakes are ideal for ice skating. There is also an abundance of parks, sporting facilities, shopping malls and walking trails in the region. The area has many museums representing the region’s history and ethnic heritage. There are many festivals and events held year round in the HRM, including the Multicultural Festival and the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

Transport: Halifax Transit provides public transport for the urban area of Halifax, operating bus routes and the pedestrian only Halifax-Dartmouth ferry. The ferry has been continuously running since 1752, making it the oldest ferry service in North America to do so. Halifax is also part of the Canadian national rail network.

Economy: Halifax is a major economic centre in Eastern Canada. The leading employers in the region include the Department of National Defence, the Port of Halifax and the Halifax Shipyard. Much of Halifax’s economy is resourced based, and the main industries include gas, agriculture, fishing, mining and forestry. There is also a large banking sector, and many government bodies have offices in Halifax.

For more information on Halifax, see the official city website