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Province: Ontario

Population: 729,000 

Climate: Humid Continental, with cold winters and warm summers.

Overview: Mississauga, located in Southern Ontario, was originally a suburb of Toronto but has grown into one of Canada’s largest cities. The city is often called the ‘Gateway to Canada’, due to it being the home of Toronto Pearson International Airport (as the name suggests, the airport also serves Toronto). Mississauga has been frequently listed as one of Canada’s safest cities.  In recent years it has become home to a diverse population, and is a popular choice for many newcomers arriving in Canada.

Mississauga has been frequently listed as one of Canada’s safest cities, and there are many different types of neighbourhoods in the city. For young professionals and those who wish to live in a lively neighbourhood, Cooksville, located in the city centre, is a popular place to live. Families and homeowners tend to choose accommodation further outside the city, in places such as Lakeview and Port Credit, both located beside the picturesque Lake Ontario. Erin Mills is a neighbourhood popular with university students, and those who wish to be close to a range of amenities.

There is no shortage of things to do in Mississauga. The city is famous for its large range of parks and trails, particularly the Waterfront Trail, which runs along Lake Ontario for 485 miles. In the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to go to the beach, windsurf or go canoeing. There is also a range of restaurants, bars, museums and shopping centres.

Mississauga is a city that loves festivals, and every year residents anticipate Carassauga, the second largest culture festival in Canada, which celebrates different cultures throughout the world. There are also several other cultural festivals held in the city, celebrating the Vietnamese, Filipino, Muslim communities and more. In 2011, the Civic Square was renamed the Mississauga Celebration Square, and has provided a place to hold events and festivals year round.

Transport: The city’s MiWay transit system provides residents with a bus service, with both express and local routes. Another option for getting around is GO Transit, an inter-regional transit system connecting Mississauga to Toronto. It is also recommended to make use of the city’s many trails to walk or cycle around the city.

Economy: Many head offices and corporate headquarters have chosen to locate in Mississauga. The main industries are pharmaceuticals, IT, electronics and finance.

For more information on Mississauga, take a look at the official city website