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Province: Saskatchewan

Population: 205,000

Climate: Dry Continental climate, with warm summers and very cold winters. The province is famed for its year round sunshine. 

Overview: Regina is located in the prairies of southern Saskatchewan, and is the provincial capital. Regina is quite a unique city in that it is a flat, treeless plain with little or no topographical features. Regina is a fast growing city, and between 2006 and 2011 the population grew by 7.7%. It has become more diverse in recent years and is a popular choice for newcomers.

Regina is a great place to live, with an abundance of open spaces, parks, schools, amenities, restaurants, bars and more. The city is split into five main zones - Central, North, South, East and West – and each zone has different neighbourhoods within them. Students planning to attend the University of Regina may wish to settle in neighbourhoods such as Hillsdale or South Lakeview, due to their proximity to the university. Families or couples may choose accommodation in residential areas such as Gardiner Park, Wood Meadows or Regent Park. It’s important to explore different neighbourhoods to find the right place for you.

Some of the highlights of the city include Government House, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Wascana Centre, RCMP Depot and the Science Centre. The city holds plenty of year-round events, parades and festivals, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. These include Mosaic (a large multicultural festival), BAZZART (a large arts and crafts show) and the Queen City Marathon. 

Transport: Regina is located on the Trans-Canada highway between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta. For those who wish to use public transport, Regina Transit operates 16 bus routes across the city.

Economy: Regina’s economy is resource based, and the city is one of the main producers of potash, oil and gas. Agriculture, steel and mining are also important industries in the region. Utility companies such as SaskPower and SaskEnergy have their headquarters in Regina.

For more information on Regina, take a look at the official city website