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Province: New Brunswick

Population: 70,000

Climate: Humid Continental, with cold winters and warm summers.

Overview: Saint John is located on the southern coast of New Brunswick, on the Bay of Fundy at the mouth of the Saint John River. It is the largest city in the province. Saint John is one of Canada’s oldest cities, and is steeped in history. The city was named the ‘Cultural Capital of Canada’ in 2010.

Saint John is a ‘city of neighbourhoods’, with each area distinguishing itself from others. The people of Saint John tend to be proud of their neighbourhood and see it as part of their identity. The city is generally seen to be divided into four parts: West Side, East Side, North End and South End. Neighbourhoods in areas such as South End, which were traditionally very low-income, have developed significantly in recent years and become more gentrified and safer. Neighbourhoods in the West Side and East Side are considered more residential, with more open space.

Saint John has lots to offer in terms of things to do and see. In the ‘Uptown Core’ there are lots of historic buildings. The city has produced plenty of artists and musicians, and there are lots of performing arts groups in the city, along with museums and galleries. For those choosing to settle there, the city provides plenty of schools, shopping malls, parks and recreational activities. The Bay of Fundy provides opportunities for zip lining, boating, and more. There are also options to walk or cycle around the shore or explore caves.

Transport: Local public transport is provided by Saint John Transit’s bus service. Maritime Bus provides a regional service between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. There is also a ferry service within the city.

Economy: Originally famous for its shipbuilding industry, Saint John has moved onto other industrial activities. The main employers in the city include the Port of Saint John, brewing companies, New Brunswick Power Corporation (which operates three generating stations in the area), and Canada’s largest oil refinery. IT and healthcare also provide lots of employment opportunities for residents.

For more information on Saint John, see the official city website