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Province: Newfoundland & Labrador

Population: 106,000

Climate: Humid Continental, with warm summers and mild winters, due to its position on the Atlantic Ocean.

Overview: St. Johns is the capital city of the Newfoundland & Labrador province.  It is located on the east coast of Newfoundland Island and is the most easterly city in North America. St. John’s has grown rapidly into a bustling, industrial city, and is a great place for newcomers to settle.

St. Johns is a historical city, which can be seen from the distinct British colonial buildings in the region. Arts and culture is a prominent part of St. John’s society, and the city has a vibrant music scene.  One of the most popular attractions in the city is George Street, famous for its nightlife and annual festivals, such as the Mardi Gras Festival in October. Film festivals and music festivals are also part of the city’s social calendar.

There is an abundance of parks, recreation areas and sports facilities throughout the city.

Transport: Metrobus provides public transport in the region, and operates buses on 19 routes throughout the area. Drivers can access the Trans-Canada highway from the city. Cycling is also a very popular way to get around the city, and there are bike racks on all buses and cycle lanes on roads.

Economy:  The provincial government is the leading employer in the city. Since discovering oil and gas in the region, St. John’s has become the centre of the oil and gas industry in Eastern Canada. Many major energy companies have headquarters or major operations in the city because of this. Tourism, science and research and construction are also important industries in the city.

For more information on St. John’s, see the official city website