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So you’ve made the decision to move to Canada. You have your visa, your passport and your determination to succeed: what next?

Moving to a new country (while almost always a rewarding experience) can prove time consuming and stressful. When relocating, there is a lot to think about – from finding a place to live to transferring your money and more. Because this can at times seem overwhelming, in our Moving section we have created handy guides to guide you through the relocation process. If you have already arrived in Canada, you will still find lots of useful information relevant to settling in the country.

While some tasks can be completed when already in Canada (e.g. opening a bank account), some tasks need lots of preparation in advance of your move, for example importing your pet to Canada, so we recommend preparing for your move as much as you can in advance.

At Newcomers Canada,  we also have a range of tools that can assist you before and after you move to Canada including our jobs board, our online directory with thousands of listings and our online group chats, making it easier for you to find and contact support agencies and service providers in Canada.

You can also connect in person with organisations that can help you move to and settle in Australia at our Newcomers Canada events