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If you have already built up work experience in Canada and wish to stay in the country, you may be eligible to apply for Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The Canadian Experience Class program takes into account previous Canadian work experience and issues successful applicants with permanent residency.


To be eligible to apply for CEC, you must:

  • Have at least 12 months full time skilled work experience in Canada within the three years before your application
  • Have gained your work experience in Canada with the proper authorization
  • Meet the required language skill level needed for your job

It’s important to note that those who are self-employed or those who gained work experience while studying full time (e.g. internship) are not eligible for the CEC program. To find out more about Canadian Experience Class, see the CIC website.

How to Apply

All applications for this program must be submitted through Canada’s new Express Entry system, a method of selecting candidates for permanent residency. To find out more about this system, take a look at our ‘What is Express Entry?’ section. Applications for Express Entry can be submitted online through the CIC website.