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If you have come to Canada on a temporary visa (e.g. Temporary Foreign Worker visa, IEC Program or Student Visa), you may wish to stay longer or live in Canada permanently. To do this, you must be eligible for permanent resident status.

Permanent residents are residents in Canada who can live and work in the country indefinitely, but are not Canadian citizens. Once you have obtained permanent residence status, you will be issued with a permanent resident card, which is necessary for re-entering Canada if you have travelled outside the country.

Permanent Residency Advantages

Permanent residents are eligible to:

  • Live, work & study anywhere in Canada
  • Receive the majority of Canadian social benefits, such as health care coverage
  • Protection under Canadian law
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship

How to Obtain Permanent Resident Status

We have outlined in this section the different types of visas and programs that provide newcomers with permanent resident status, provided they are eligible. These are as follows:

Permanent Residence (PR) Card

Once you have been given permanent resident status by the Canadian government, you must then apply for your permanent residence card, or PR card as it is more commonly known. The PR card application pack can be downloaded on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website