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Education agents and agencies are a popular feature in Canada’s education system. Many newcomers to Canada may be unaware of what education agents can do for them, so it’s important to be aware of what services they offer.

Benefits of Using an Education Agent

Education agents can assist you with all aspects of the Canadian education system, including finding a suitable college or university, student visa issues, entry requirements, registration, insurance, fees and finding accommodation. Education agents can be exceptionally helpful for international students, as they can explain how the Canadian system is organized and provide recommendations on suitable colleges, courses and programs.

Education agents can also advise students how to fund their studies and how to save money, by informing them about scholarships, student discounts, travel savings and price comparisons.

Many education agents build strong relationships with the students they work with, and keep in contact with them throughout the student’s time in college or university, ensuring they are satisfied with their educational experience.

Education Agent Requirements

Although the Canadian government does not have an official policy or accreditation system for education agents, the government recommends all education agents have completed the Canada Course for Education Agents. A list of graduates who have successfully completed the course is listed on the ICEF website.  

For more information on education agents and their role, see the Education in Canada website