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Our mission is to connect newcomers to career and business opportunities and life in Canada.

A Soft Landing in Canada

We are passionate about Canada and all it has to offer and we want to share it with the world. We’re inspired by people who seek a better life, who uproot family and reroute their lives. With roots in hospitality, we truly believe in providing a warm welcome from the time you arrive until you feel right at home.

A Good Start

Canada is home to 7.2 million foreign-born residents or 21.9 per cent of Canada’s population, and admits 80,000 temporary foreign workers, 300,000 permanent residents and 270,000 international students per annum.

Newcomers Canada is a good start to navigate your pathway to a life in Canada We are the leading resource and the largest hub in Canada for people wanting information on Immigration, Education, Settlement & Employment in Canada.

Our mission is to improve the job readiness, settlement and integration of Canada’s immigrant and international student population.

Newcomers Canada connects you with employers, recruiters, governments, education providers, immigration specialists and settlement services. By introducing you with industry leaders, you will create opportunities for yourself and settle into your new life, home, career and community.

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