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Living in a metropolitan city like Toronto can be a lot of fun. There are so many cool things to do and amazing restaurants to check out. But what no one tells you before you move to the big city is that it doesn’t go easy on one’s wallet. Yes, there are multiple events to go to, outdoor activities to take part in, new cuisines to try, but how to indulge in it all, without spending major chunk of your salary? Or what if that the job you love simply doesn’t pay enough to enjoy all that Toronto has to offer?

This is where side hustle comes in. You might have come across this phrase a lot lately. Side hustle is about bringing in extra cash from an activity or a job other than your main job. Or if you are new in the city and are looking to make some instant cash to support your living expenses. Once you understand the concept of side-hustle, the next thing on your mind will be what are some ways to make extra money or what are some common side hustles?

Below is a list of top 10 side hustles in any part of the world:

Dog walking
Driving Uber
Managing someone’s social media
Personal shopper
Doing chores/tasks for someone
Delivery services

Where to find the side-hustle jobs?

There are numerous websites and apps that offer a lot of opportunities for various types of side hustles. One can find instant jobs and other gigs on websites like UpWork, Freelancer or apps like Adam Helps. Adam Helps is a Toronto based app that connects people with their neighbours for everyday tasks and chores, in exchange for cash. The app connects people for on-demand and instant jobs. The job categories available at Adam Helps are indoor work (house cleaning, laundry etc.), outdoor work (lawn care, snow removal, gardening etc.), pet care, elder assistance, and many others

If you can lend a hand to someone who needs extra set of hands to build a piece of IKEA furniture, or if you are willing to go grocery shopping for someone, you can make that extra cash that you have been eyeing your pockets for. There are new jobs being posted every day on Adam Helps app. With over 3500 users of the app in the Toronto area, the app is growing at a fast pace and is supporting the influx of newcomers to Canada by acting as a platform for on-demand job postings and getting to know the neighbours.

Download the Adam Helps app today to get to know your neighbours & make some cash on the side!

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