Anderson College

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology has been serving the community since 1988 and has produced thousands of graduates who now work as professionals across Canada and worldwide. Recognized as leaders in career-focused education, Anderson College offers over 30-diploma and certificate programs delivered by professional leaders in their respective fields, provides hands-on training and experience in state-of-the-art facilities and personalized support during the learning process and for internship/practicum. With small class sizes, a caring staff and faculty, warm community environment and student-first approach, Anderson College not only empowers students with superior technical skills, but the soft skills essential for career and life success.

Anderson College continues to strive for excellence and deliver high-quality education to a wide range of students. With this in mind we applied and successfully received a six-year accreditation with Canadian Medical Association (now Accreditation CanadaEqual) for our Medical Laboratory Technician Program. This 6-year accreditation is currently the only one awarded to a Private Career College in Ontario. Six-year accreditation represents a significant achievement, reflecting the quality of Anderson’s Medical Laboratory Technician program. The criteria for receiving such a status includes: the ability of the program to cover the professional competencies as outlined for national standards; equitable learning opportunities for practicing and attaining those competencies in a work setting; and, that the program’s evaluation process results in continuous quality improvement.

We are also pleased to say that the College also received a two-year accreditation for its new Cardiology Technology Program, and are one of only 3 schools in the country to provide this program.

Anderson College also offers its new Immigration Consultant Program, accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and one of only a dozen educators in Canada to offer it.

Our Top Ten Programs

Medical Laboratory Technician program, our most popular, is a full-time program which recognizes the importance of integrated and interrelated competencies. It is designed in a linear model over 1105 hours/52 weeks (including breaks) to allow for instructional scaffolding of competencies so that students are exposed to competencies with increasing difficulty and/or autonomy as they progress from academic environments through to simulated and clinical ones. For example, students will be exposed to competencies in an academic environment before attempting them in a simulation and then at practicum in a clinical capacity. This scaffolding is intended to provide ample learning opportunities that will lead to higher retention of skills and competencies learned in the program.

At Anderson College, you can learn to be a:

Intra-Oral Level I & II Dental Assistant
Medical Esthetician
Medical Office Administrator
Personal Support Worker
Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Assistant
Law Clerk
Business Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Operations
Early Childcare Assistant

And this is only a sampling of what Anderson College has to offer. Visit our website to learn more.

Our Strength and Capabilities

One of the most important aspects of the Anderson College approach to learning is its world-class faculty. Fuelled by real-world experience, they incite debate and challenge our students – and always with the goal of preparing them for a successful career.

We have recruited highly qualified and credentialed faculty members who are invested in all aspects of student engagement. Faculty members ensure that every class counts. By constantly encouraging and evaluating students’ contributions, they stoke inquisitive minds, direct the flow of discussion, and bring out the best. The results speak for themselves; the typical Anderson class has better than 90 percent attendance and 80-100% success rate on National and Provincial exams.

We pride ourselves on the design of our modern inhouse Health Science Medical Laboratory. We are constantly updating and improving our laboratory and equipment to keep our facility within the highest of professional standards to ensure our students receive the most out of their education and are ready for employment in their field of study.

Our International Partners

In the last few years, we have established great relationship with recruiting partners from around the world; in 2017, these partners referred 120 international students to Anderson College.

We also formed a strategic collaboration with Blue Mountains College, Dehradun, (UK) in India which trains quality Indian students through its customized programs so the students become familiar with the western education and are more prepared to strive and succeed in their education after arriving Canada.

These are just some of the ways Anderson College stands by its motto: Your Training, Your Career. Your Future.

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