Arrive, Connect with Your Future

Arrive is a community of newcomers by newcomers. During their growing up years, the co-founders (Shikha Bhuchar and Tricia Jose) witnessed the trials and tribulations of their parents to make Canada home for their children which fuelled their passion to help every newcomer enjoy a successful life in Canada.

Over the next three years Canada can expect over one million newcomers, reaching the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history. This represents an incredible opportunity for Canada, as the caliber of experience and education that is coming in is vital to the success of the Canadian economy. Though this growth is an important contribution to Canada, the reality is that newcomers face challenges to find meaningful employment and successfully settle into their new lives in Canada. Arrive is here to help.

Arrive reimagines the world of newcomer assistance in a way that challenges the current path to success and opens new doors of opportunity to accelerate newcomers’ ability to make Canada home.

We do this by connecting newcomers with a community of people to help build their network socially and professionally, providing the support they need to actualize their dream of making Canada home. Aligned with this goal, Arrive provides newcomers with access to essential information, resources, and tools to better support their success.

Arrive focuses on three critical areas to support newcomer success:


We introduce newcomers to the relevant people based on their industry and interests.


We help newcomers build their network so they can talk about what matters to you.


We offer newcomers tools, resources and information on how to prepare for life in Canada.

Coming soon, we will be launching the Arrive Ambassador program — a one of a kind, mentor-mentee and peer community that’s designed to support newcomers from all backgrounds through knowledge sharing and network building.

To be a part of Arrive and access our connections, community and information, connect with us today at

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