“Canada offers Incredible Opportunities so make sure you take them!”

Professional Photographer Joe chose Canada for it’s breathtaking scenery and abundance of photographic opportunities. Below he shares his experiences so far and offers some suggestions for other Newcomers.



Where are you currently living in Canada?

Kitsilano in Vancouver

Where did you move from and when?

I moved from England to Vancouver in the Autumn of 2017.

What attracted you to move to Canada?

The huge expanses of wilderness and nature-oriented lifestyle possibilities. I love the mixture of the city lifestyle which is surrounded by nature.

What do you love the most about living in Canada?

Skiing, Nature and A&W!

What did you find was the biggest challenge moving to Canada?

I found moving to Canada was quite easy and hiccup-free as I did a lot of research before I arrived. Having some background knowledge of the area you are moving to definitely helps you get organized much quicker in your first few weeks. Vancouver is very multicultural and there are many immigrants that have moved here so I found most services were familiar with helping a newcomer set everything up.

What advice do you have for anyone planning on moving to Canada?

Ensure you have enough savings to enable a smooth transition. You do not want the pressure of money to force you into rushing to find a home and job that may not be right for you. Use online job boards to apply for any open positions and keep your Linkedin page updated so you are aware of new opportunities. Remember that you are here to experience the best of Canada so take every minute to explore and visit. Canada offers incredible opportunities so make sure you take them!

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