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We’re excited to announce the presentation by Kelly Services at the Newcomers Canada Career & Settlement Fair in Vancouver on March 3, 2018.

Whether you are looking for job placement information or staffing solutions for your business, Kelly® can help.

As a candidate within your own professional scientific or clinical career path today—to stay ahead of the latest innovation, technology, or regulations driving your science industry specialization—you need an expert that can, and will, truly advocate your talent.

Kelly Scientific Resources has evolved as a world-leading career advisor, trusted since 1995 by thousands like you across the scientific workforce for expert guidance in every aspect of their careers. We offer an employment destination with access to meaningful work for the life of your career in science.

Scaled down—here it’s about finding the job you want, at the place you want to work, when or how you want it. You get:


  • Through part- and full-time contract, project-based, or direct-hire roles
  • In roles from intern– and entry-level, mid- to senior-level, through to Ph.D.
  • For functions and opportunity as they develop seamlessly around the globe


  • Informed by key insight as your career or profession evolves
  • To advance your training, if your particular change demands it

Learn how to really refine the shape of your calling in science.

Ciara Morgan-Feir, Scientific Recruiter at Vancouver Kelly Services Branch, can be reached at 604-669-1236 or by email at

Register for the fair to speak with Kelly Services in person!

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