Discovering New Brunswick

The only province in Canada to have both French and English as its official language, this stunning land is one of the first places in North America to be settled, as early as 1600. Nestled between Quebec, Maine and Nova Scotia, it’s a region of fiercely beautiful maritime scenery: lighthouses perched on craggy rocks, bright leaves lining winding roads and picture-perfect towns of stone.

But there’s more than just scenery in this vibrant place, as we share with some lesser known facts:

  • New Brunswick is Small But Mighty in Industry: The province is home to top performing companies in a variety of industries, ranging from energy and resource development to food production to cyber security and IT. It’s also home to manufacturing: one of the largest sectors for employment in the region.
  • Its Coast is Both Beautiful and Record Breaking: The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! Visitors can see the effects in the famous Hopewell Rocks–huge towers of orange rock shaped by the waves. Walk on the ocean floor, explore the coast in a kayak at high tide, or enjoy a sail on the bay.
  • Strange Mysteries are Close By: New Brunswick is home to some stunning and downright bizarre experiences – visit a Magnetic Hill, the Reversing Falls, huge landmarks such as a lobster, an axe and a fiddle, or walk to an island only accessible at low tide. For a small fee, families can put their car in neutral and watch it roll backwards while feeling like they are going uphill. As a province, New Brunswick can be discovered from border to border in just 5 hours, making extensive exploration possible.
  • Its Diversity Continues to Grow: 51 percent of New Brunswick’s population growth has come from immigration, with up to 10,000 newcomers making the province their home every year. The growing job sector–and the workforce shortage–makes it an ideal place to begin a career in Canada.

This post is brought to you by New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour manages the Population Growth and immigration programs for the province. Like many other Canadian provinces and territories, New Brunswick has its own immigration program streams, targeting certain groups, and eligibility criteria. To learn more about the programs and services offered to newcomers in New Brunswick, visit

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