Before Prashant Kumar decided to move to Canada, he was working as an assistant project manager for IBM India. With a background in programming, he had a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of his job, but he quickly realized he had an interest in the business side.

“Knowing what to do is great, but how is a critical process,” Kumar said. “I felt I needed to gain additional business knowledge in order to implement my programming knowledge efficiently.”

After exhaustive research on courses and universities around the world, he was encouraged by the people around him to focus on studying management in Canada.

“One phrase caught my attention: university for the working professional. This is what I was looking for; a university that understood the views, challenges, concerns, strengths and weaknesses of the professional. It was Royal Roads University.”

Exploring the business programs offered by Royal Roads, Kumar discovered the Masters of Global Management (MGM) program. Designed to provide a broad range of international business skills, the program would better prepare Kumar for the job market and provide him with the soft skills necessary to succeed. But that wasn’t the only thing that appealed to him.

“Going through the Royal Roads website, I learned that university is built on soils of indigenous people and they respect it,” said Kumar. “Another crucial factor is that Victoria, British Columbia–where the university is located– is close to nature and has many hiking trails. It also has the best weather in Canada. Considering all factors, I made my decision to enrol at Royal Roads University.”

Once he arrived to campus, Kumar instantly felt welcome. “I still remember my first day. I met a few instructors and they all acted as if they had known me forever. It was easy to communicate with my classmates and get help when I needed it. Normally, you wouldn’t see that back home.”

Another unique aspect to the program that Kumar feels set it apart was the heavy emphasis on group work, allowing him to work closely with students from other countries to develop interpersonal and intercultural skills.

“In a country like Canada, it plays a crucial role in everyday life because Canada itself is multi-diverse and intercultural skill helps in our daily life, both socially and professionally,” said Kumar. “The curriculum is based on real-life business cases. This kind of teaching helps students develop their critical thinking and ability to research the subjects.”

Now finished his coursework, Kumar is doing an internship at Canavans Central Appraisal in Nova Scotia as an IT Project Manager.  He credits Royal Roads for providing him with the experience and education he needed to take his career to the next level, as well as preparing him to work in diverse teams.

“For an immigrant like me at the workplace in Canada, it’s hard to understand the cultural differences,” explained Kumar. “I learned not only about the business management, but how to work with a diverse team. The MGM program gave me the tools I needed to achieve results.”

Kumar believes that the MGM program at Royal Roads University could benefit nearly everyone.

“The MGM program can help you to understand business processes, but can be applied to any workplace,” he said. “You’re able to learn those skills at a beautiful campus with helpful and welcoming people, high learning standards and outstanding student services. Royal Roads was my home away from home.”

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