Few things remind us more of home than the food that we love. Canada’s food is as diverse as our people, but there’s definitely something they all have in common: hearty flavours and filling ingredients that are ever so comforting.

Quebec Recipes Rule 
Many of Canada’s most famous foods originate in Quebec: think sweet and rich maple syrup, and delicious, doughy bagels (originally from Jewish communities in Poland). For more adventurous (or hungry) newcomers to Canada, poutine is a must-try: french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds, available with all sorts of additions and changes now, including veggie gravy and new toppings.

Traditional Recipes for Thousands of Years
The first traditional recipes come from Indigenous cultures, who lived for thousands of years from nature’s bounty prior to settlers arriving in what we now call Canada. These foods are closely tied to the land. There’s Oolichan—a pungent, fishy grease valuable to people on the Pacific coast; Bannock—a delicious, fried bread; and meat such as moose, elk and deer.

Tastes as Diverse as Us
As a truly multicultural country, our menus continue to expand. Vancouver is known for fresh sushi and delicious Chinese and Thai cuisines, while Toronto’s Little Italy, Portugal and Greece all offer traditional European favourites. In small towns from the mountains of British Columbia to the coast of the Maritimes, there are restaurants from countries across the globe, adding to the mosaic of our people.

Do you have a favourite Canadian food—or a food you’re excited to bring to Canada? Get in touch to let us know!

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