The Season for Winter Sports

Does strapping knives to your feet to fly across ice at 30 miles per hour while 200-pound athletes charge at you sound like fun? It does for thousands of Canadians who either participate in or watch ice hockey: Canada’s national winter sport (lacrosse is the official summer sport).

Anyone new to Canada may notice the country’s love of the sport from team flags flying from cars; colourful jerseys on adults and children alike; and restaurants and bars spilling with excited fans watching their chosen players.

The sport has a long history – and a controversial one. Both Montreal, Quebec and Windsor, Nova Scotia take credit for being the first regions to invent ice hockey, begun to our knowledge in 1800 but increasing in popularity around the 1870s. From men skating on frozen lakes in the depths of winter with frozen cow dung as the puck, the sport has come a long way! It’s now worth an astonishing $11 billion annually, with more than 8,000 rinks across the country.

If this sounds like the game for you, New To Hockey offers tips for starting to play the game. For anyone interested in watching a game, the 2018/19 National Hockey League season has begun. You can find out more about the next game here.

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