The Who’s Who of Canadian Music

Canadians are as passionate about their music as they are about the diverse and magnificent scenery they inhabit.  Newcomers will quickly be introduced to favourite musicians who rule the airwaves, not to mention Canadians’ passion for supporting up-and-coming artists.  After all, it’s a country that has birthed some of the world’s most famous musicians – from Leonard Cohen to Drake to Justin Bieber.

Who are the bestselling artists of all time in Canada? Unknown to some, that title goes to four incredible women! Shania Twain, Alanis Morrissette, Sarah McLachlan and Celine Dion have sold the most records of any artist in Canada: an even more impressive feat considering these artists not only perform to sold-out stadiums, but write their own music, too.

There are other Canadian icons that newcomers to the country will quickly get to know through frequent plays and conversation.  In 2017, we lost one of our most loved performers: Gord Downie of the band The Tragically Hip. An activist and a rock star, Downie received praise from Prime Minister Trudeau and was recognized by the Assembly of First Nations for his support of Indigenous people.  As one leader said, he was a “man who walks among the stars.”

We haven’t even begun to speak about Neil Young, Joni Mitchell or KD Lang.  Needless to say, we’re a musical country that uses melody to tell our diverse stories.

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