“This Place is Truly Amazing”

Bosun moved from Australia to Canada in May 2016. We took some time out of his busy schedule to see how he’s been settling in to life in Canada!



Where are you currently living in Canada?

Victoria, Vancouver Island

Where did you move from and when?

I moved from the Surf Coast Australia to the Sunshine Coast BC in Mid 2016

What attracted you to move to Canada?

The mountains and the outdoor lifestyle! My girlfriend is Canadian so it seemed like the perfect time to seize an opportunity to travel and move to the beautiful British Columbia.

What do you love the most about living in Canada?

The incredible outdoor wilderness with its picturesque mountains, waterfalls and bushland and the local relaxed vibe that accompanies. I used to do some camping back in Australia but its not worth mentioning in comparison to the experiences I’ve had here. This place truly is amazing for getting out and exploring and there no shortage of incredible places to see. And that’s just BC!

What did you find was the biggest challenge moving to Canada?

I was working as an engineer in Australia but it was challenging to find an opportunity in this field straight away in Canada. I took on other work in the meantime and concentrated on improving my resume, networking and applying for jobs. It took a few months of searching and working hard but eventually, with the right guidance, I landed the job I have now!

What advice do you have for anyone planning on moving to Canada?

Don’t hesitate! The lifestyle here is amazing and I’m pleased I took the leap. I would definitely recommend anyone moving to do some thorough research before arriving. It makes it much easier to have some background knowledge of the city, as well as insight on getting important things sorted such as banking, getting a social insurance number and which phone provider to go with. I found that the Newcomers Fair was great at bringing together many of the services you first need when you arrive in Canada. Within a short time frame, I was able to speak to recruiters, employment services, banks and immigration advisors, all whom helped answer many of my questions.

I would also recommend having some savings prior to arriving. For those coming from Australia at least, you can expect an income drop and in the first few months so it’s good to have those saving there while you are settling in. Oh and bring your hiking shoes! Canada is the activity centre of the world!

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