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Trump Immigration Ban Could Send Foreign-Born Tech Workers To Canada
Added  February 4, 2017

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By Sarah Rieger Posted: 01/31/2017 9:13 pm EST Updated: 02/01/2017 1:20 pm EST The U.S. tech sector relies heavily on foreign-born talent, and after President Donald Trump... Read More

B.C. tech sector to get surge of talent fleeing Silicon Valley: insiders
Added  January 31, 2017

British Columbia's burgeoning tech sector is set to get a big boost from entrepreneurs and their employees fleeing Silicon Valley to dodge U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration policies, industry insiders say. Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurland said he spent this weekend conducting more than a dozen client consultations with high-level engineers, managers... Read More

One-third of Canada could be immigrants by 2036: StatsCan
Added  January 25, 2017

Almost half the country will be an immigrant, or a child of immigrants The Canadian Press January 25, 2017 Andrew Vaughan/CP OTTAWA — A new study from Statistics Canada says that almost half the country’s popu... Read More

Former refugee Ahmed Hussen takes over immigration ministry
Added  January 11, 2017

Hussen came to Canada from war-torn Somalia when he was 16, and now takes over immigration and refugee file for Justin Trudeau. 

Read More

Tony Blair cautions Canada not to follow anti-immigration path of Trump and Brexit
Added  November 16, 2016

If governments ignore people's fear, far-right leaders will exploit it, former U.K. PM tells Peter Mansbridge Blair sat down with the CBC's Peter Mansbridge to discuss the U.S. election, Brexit and the growing popularity of extreme right-wing parties in western Europe — and he warned Canada not to follow in the same path. "It's been an... Read More

Canada has overhauled its immigration process for international students
Added  November 11, 2016

Citizenship and Immigration Minister John McCallum’s announced changes will likely make it easier for international students to stay after graduation Nov 11, 2016 Murad Hemmadi Canada’s government today announced major changes to Express Entry, the system under which most immigrants obtain permanent residence here. The inst... Read More

Ottawa unveils strategy to court foreign tech talent
Added  November 1, 2016

BARRIE MCKENNA AND SEAN SILCOFF OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Nov. 01, 20... Read More

How Canadian tech startups could become multibillion-dollar companies
Added  September 11, 2016

Quentin Casey| September 9, 2016 12:51 PM ET Alex Kolicich has spent the eight years since he graduated from the University of Waterloo working in California, first for Google and Palantir Technologies, and later with billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel at Mithril Capital Management.... Read More

While others waver on immigration, Canada should prospect for talent
Added  September 11, 2016

Brexit. Trump. Le Pen. Voigt. Whatever else these names conjure up, they also signal an opportunity for Canada. Quite simply, it’s time to go prospecting for exceptional entrepreneurs, skilled talen... Read More

John McCallum wants to 'substantially increase' immigration to fill Canada's labour needs
Added  August 14, 2016

If Immigration Minister John McCallum gets his way, Canada will significantly increase immigration beyond its current record level as a way to fill the country's labour needs. Pointing to an aging population and looming labour shortages, McCallum made the pitch in Manila during a speech to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines on Friday. "So why not... Read More

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