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  • Former refugee Ahmed Hussen takes over immigration ministry

    Added  January 11, 2017
    Hussen came to Canada from war-torn Somalia when he was 16, and now takes over immigration and refugee file for Justin Trudeau. 


  • Tony Blair cautions Canada not to follow anti-immigration path of Trump and Brexit

    Added  November 16, 2016
    If governments ignore people's fear, far-right leaders will exploit it, former U.K. PM tells Peter Mansbridge Blair sat down with the CBC's Peter Mansbridge to discuss the U.S. election, Brexit and the growing popularity of extreme right-wing parties in western Europe — and he warned Canada not to follow in the same path. "It's been an extraordinary time, hasn't it, for those of us on the ot... more

  • Canada has overhauled its immigration process for international students

    Added  November 11, 2016
    Citizenship and Immigration Minister John McCallum’s announced changes will likely make it easier for international students to stay after graduation Nov 11, 2016 Murad Hemmadi Canada’s government today announced major changes to Express Entry, the system under which most immigrants obtain permanent residence here. The inst... more

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