Accommodation for Newcomers

Finding the right accommodation when you first arrive in Canada is important. However the market can be competitive and, on occasions, a good first impression is not enough. Both yourself and the landlord may feel that you are a great fit for the apartment, however, your circumstances are such that you cannot provide enough actual evidence of a good rental history.

The reasons could be:

  • You are new to the city or country
  • You are a student
  • You are moving straight from your parent’s home
  • You are going through a separation or divorce
  • You have been on extended travels from the city

Though you may leave a good first impression, the owner does not want to take the risk of renting out their property to an applicant that does not have confirmable history in the city. Many realty companies can offer a solution in these cases called a “Trial Lease”.

A Trial lease would typically be a 6 month term, with the lease review on or before the first day of the final month (about 5 months in). The property manager will conduct a review of the following:

  • A review of rental payment history, ensuring there are no outstanding rent owed and rents have always been paid on time
  • A review with the strata to ensure that no fines or complaints have been issued against the tenants
  • An in suite inspection to make sure everything looks as it should

If you pass all 3 items, a tenant would carry on to a second 6 month lease term.

Pursuing a trial lease can be a great option for Newcomers arriving in Canada as it demonstrates that you are a reliable tenant, who was just unable to provide the information that is normally required from applicants. It also gives you an opportunity to start building your rental history in the city, which will make it much easier for future landlords to verify who you are. For this reason trial leases have often resulted in a better relationship between the tenant and landlord, than a regular lease.

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