Discovering Canada: London, Ontario

This vibrant municipality is currently the 11th largest city in Canada and is a thriving community for business and technology. Nestled between the vast Lake Erie and Lake Huron, London is nearly equal distance between three of the biggest cities in the region: Toronto, Detroit, and Buffalo – each a 2-3 hour drive away.

Here are some of our favourite things about this bustling city:

It Takes After Its UK Namesake: Unsurprisingly named after the capital of the United Kingdom, this London is also known for preserving its history. Residents can enjoy strolling through many heritage areas, enjoy world-class art collections at Museum London, or even experience the Canadian version of Covent Garden: a buzzing market for fresh produce and eateries.

The Wilderness Is Just A Few Steps Away: Called “Forest City” for a reason, London is perfect for anyone looking for nature in urban areas. You’ll find it in the expansive Victoria Park: 7.3 hectares of greenery within the city or the 330km of walking and bike paths. Just 40 kilometers away, Port Stanley offers an expansive beach and adorable harbour community alongside it to explore. And, for anyone looking for more adventure, there’s the Thames Valley Trail: a 109km path that passes through the city.

There’s Housing To Suit All Tastes: London homes continue to increase in value, but are still significantly less expensive than any of the major metropolitan centres. There are a range of neighbourhoods that differ in style – choose from Victorian-era homes in Wortley Village or Old East Village, to the modern neighbourhoods and energy-efficient communities such as Sifton West 5.

Entrepreneurs Belong Here: There’s a sense of excitement and possibility in London – perhaps because of the roughly 20,000 entrepreneurs and startup businesses in the city. Supportive organisations such as LEDC’s London INC portal can support anyone looking for training, mentorship, and even funding and space to accelerate their business.

It’s A Beacon For Tech: More and more technology companies are moving to London, in part because of the balance of great spaces available for businesses and families. Already there are well over 300 digital creative companies employing more than 9,000 individuals – a number set to increase exponentially as this industry grows. HR and gaming/ software companies are also a key part of London’s economic boom.

For further information about jobs and community in London, visit the London Economic Development Corporation to find out more about the city – and search for new jobs in tech and manufacturing.

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