Employment and Income

Finding work is a main priority for many newcomers. Getting a job that matches your qualifications and interests is one of the biggest challenges of settling in Canada. For many people, the first job in Canada may not be the most satisfying. It may take time to build your qualifications and gain Canadian experience before finding the job you really want.

To work in Canada, you will need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) issued by Service Canada on behalf of the federal government. You should apply for a SIN immediately after you arrive in Canada. For more information on the SIN and instructions on how to apply, see the section on Important documents.

Key sources of information on working in Canada

There are many useful starting points for information and support when you begin your search for a job in Canada.

  • www.workingincanada.gc.ca is a website that contains detailed information on all aspects of working in Canada. It includes the Working in Canada tool which provides specific information (about skills and qualifications requirements, licence and certification, wages, job opportunities and much more) on over 500 occupations available in Canada.
  • Service Canada is a federal government department that provides information on many topics, including information on searching and applying for jobs. It also maintains a large database of jobs currently available across Canada. These resources are available online at www.jobbank.gc.ca or by calling or visiting a Service Canada Centre in your city or town (for telephone numbers and locations, consult the Blue Pages or visit www.servicecanada.gc.ca).
  • Your province’s or territory’s website for newcomers is another good source of employment information. You can find a list of provincial and territorial websites for newcomers in the section on Sources of information. • Immigrant-serving organizations can guide you in all aspects of searching for employment in Canada and help you with any step in the process. You can find addresses and contact information for immigrant-serving organizations across Canada at www.cic.gc.ca/english/newcomers/map/services.asp
Workplace language skills

Strong English or French language skills are essential for many jobs in Canada. The level of English or French that you will need for working in Canada may be higher than the level needed to meet immigration requirements or for basic communication. Strong language skills are as important as educational credentials and previous employment experience for working in Canada. In many parts of Canada, the ability to speak both English and French is a definite advantage when you are looking for a job.


Source: Welcome to Canada: What you should know

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