Welcome to the Fredericton Region

Named the Cultural Capital of Canada, Fredericton boasts a world-class business and innovation community, an educated population, and high quality of life. If you’re interested in relocating to Canada, Fredericton is the place to make your move.

Fredericton is an award-winning city. Determined to be Canada’s Best Micro-City to do business, Canada’s #1 cost-competitive business location in 2016, and twice named one of the world’s Top Seven Intelligent Communities, the city is recognized for its undeniable strengths. Fredericton is proud to be a hub for startups, entrepreneurs, innovation, and several key sectors including ICT, natural resources, biotechnology, and engineering. If you are looking for job opportunities, Fredericton is the place to settle. With frequent career fairs, multiple job boards, and countless opportunities in prominent industries, it’s no wonder major companies are looking to hire in Fredericton.

As a newcomer to Fredericton, you won’t have a hard time fitting in. The region is home to a robust support system for immigrants, made up of nearly 20 immigrant support organizations that help new citizens integrate successfully. We recognize that immigration is essential for Fredericton to thrive, with immigrants making up 7% of the city’s population. Fredericton attracts more immigrants than any other New Brunswick city due to its extensive community resources, immigrant-tailored work programs, and education and language programs, which ensure all newcomers have a soft landing in their new city.

People who call Fredericton home give our city an A+ in life satisfaction. The picturesque city has a small-town feel, offering a friendly community, short commute times, and beautiful landscapes. Yet Fredericton can keep up with any big city with its festivals, cultural activities, and flourishing entertainment scene. Fredericton’s long summer and fall allow its citizens to take advantage of a wide variety of recreational activities and facilities and the city’s expansive green space and trail system. Here, beauty mingles with brains, as Fredericton is home to one of Canada’s most educated populations and a large number of post-secondary institutions.

All of these factors confirm that Fredericton is an excellent place to work, raise a family, and live. Interested in making the move? Check out this video and learn more at ignitefredericton.com.

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